- Tuesday 23 August 2016

Food security, meaning sufficient amounts of nutritious food for a growing world population, is one of the greatest challenges our generations will face.

- Thursday 18 August 2016

Sabine Wildevuur visited 'Weekendoit' in Italy to connect with Fablabs from Italy in the field of healthy ageing and gave a workshop at CreaHub in Macerata.

- Friday 12 August 2016

Fablab Amsterdam is closed for the summer, or not… Architect Christopher de Vries is milling an art work showing four beautiful reliefs at our lab.

- Thursday 11 August 2016

We went looking for bacteria in the red light district of Amsterdam, to map microbes in the area. An image report.

- Thursday 04 August 2016

Recently, Waag Society co-organized the first ever MuseumCamp Amsterdam. Over 70 participants worked really hard for three days to build 17 interactive installations, for 17 selected objects.