- Monday 26 September 2016

Want to get in touch with that free maker mindset? The 'Bootcamp Curves' approach might help us to explore, fail, learn and give things another go.

- Monday 19 September 2016

September 7th, the KNAW organised a symposium about gene editing. This is a technically interesting, scientifically exciting, and socially relevant subject.

- Tuesday 13 September 2016

In the past months, self-driving vehicles often featured in the news. What might be the influence of this development on our lives?

- Thursday 08 September 2016

What started from a very personal interest in small wooden playthings, evolved to become a quest to find the right bend between wood and digital technology.

- Wednesday 07 September 2016

In the weekend of 24-25 September the interactive exhibition ‘The anatomical lesson: dissecting medical futures’ by Agi Haines takes place in our Theatrum Anatomicum.