- Monday 28 November 2016

Greta Castellana set off to design a system to better and pro-actively respond to individual needs of patients for a personalised and integrated healthcare experience.

- Saturday 19 November 2016

From a recent Dutch research, it shows that households that have a smart meter installed save less energy then was expected. Not so strange, if you look at the way they are introduced.

- Thursday 17 November 2016

How do we build our own personal history and in which way will we be remembered after our death? Two important questions for concept developer and designer Josse Willems.

- Wednesday 16 November 2016

That plants and flowers have a positive effect on our health is since long a known fact. So why have our health facilities not yet become a green oasis then?

- Thursday 10 November 2016

This year, we transformed our Theatrum Anatonicum into a Do-it-Yourself Healthcare Clinic for one night. Empower the patient!

- Monday 07 November 2016

The Pet Shop Food Bar connects three different worlds: DIY biohacking, the rich knowledge of botanical gardens and the societal challenge of food security.

- Thursday 03 November 2016

It is always fun to use maps for a project. Looking for a tool to create a fantasy world map of a respectable size, I found the Fractal World Generator.

- Tuesday 01 November 2016

We are looking for an intern to help us with the communication between our maker space Fablab Amsterdam and the outer world.

- Monday 31 October 2016

Running our Fab Lab Amsterdam for over eight years now we are regularly asked to share experiences on how to set up a lab yourself. To start, here are some pointers for the space and inventory.

- Friday 28 October 2016

At the Cutting Edge festival last week in Oslo, Pieter van Boheemen witnessed yet another debate on the future of genetic engineering. Unfortunately these debates often take the hope versus horror approach.