- Tuesday 25 October 2016

Ida Poortinga explains her graduation project “Local fabrication of a custom-fit finger splint, using parametric design and additive manufacturing”.

- Monday 24 October 2016

The October Digital Museum Lab meet up was held at Cinekid MediaLab as we expected the interactive installations there to be inspirational for museum professionals.

- Saturday 22 October 2016

Recent research in the Netherlands show that 50% of the IT decision makers, about 70% of freelancers and 30% of SME have not heard of the term the Internet of Things. For the larger public this is less.

- Friday 21 October 2016

How to enable journalists to gain insight in political influence networks by using open data? Clique is a journalistic research application to gain insight in the evolution of political networks.

- Thursday 20 October 2016

We tested the low-tech meter for 'particulated matter' that we made for Smart Kids Lab at our offices in Amsterdam. Here are the results.

- Tuesday 18 October 2016

What if you can combine the experience from the maker movement to create open source hardware and software to map environmental issues that concern citizens everyday?

- Monday 17 October 2016

The European Theatre Lab is 'Europe’s first virtual think tank devoted to exploring a digital strategy for theatres. Waag Society was there as part of the Advisory board of the project.

- Monday 26 September 2016

Want to get in touch with that free maker mindset? The 'Bootcamp Curves' approach might help us to explore, fail, learn and give things another go.

- Monday 19 September 2016

September 7th, the KNAW organised a symposium about gene editing. This is a technically interesting, scientifically exciting, and socially relevant subject.

- Tuesday 13 September 2016

In the past months, self-driving vehicles often featured in the news. What might be the influence of this development on our lives?