- Thursday 26 February 2015

BrabantKennis has started a blog series about ‘Smart Brabant’. The first contribution comes from Marleen Stikker. This post is only available in Dutch.

- Monday 23 February 2015

What exactly does it mean when they say that an ICT system does not function? It's hard to get a good picture of the scale of the problems until you find out for yourself.

- Thursday 19 February 2015

Technology is never neutral, but always contains values that may or may not be in the public interest. Frank Kresin about DSI: Digital Social Innovation in Europe.

- Wednesday 18 February 2015

Konstantinos Dranganas, intern at the Future Heritage Lab at Waag Society, researched how new technologies can be useful for museums.

- Monday 16 February 2015

A recent article by Eliza Barclay on NPR's food blog, The Salt, discusses the fallibility of self-reported information regarding food intake.

- Friday 13 February 2015

We asked a two-day intern, Lola Spaan, to write something about the upcoming Crypto Design Challenge.

- Friday 06 February 2015

A glimpse inside the RICHES project: design thinking methods and co-creation sessions from an anthropological point of view.