- Thursday 27 August 2015

Heritage can be found everywhere. Not just in museum collections, presented at a nice location, or locked up in storage.

- Monday 24 August 2015

With technology that is just a few months on the market, it is possible to build an internet network for things without 3G or WiFi.

- Friday 21 August 2015

Linkx was was one of the winners of Mobiles for Good Challenge this year. A great initiative by Helma van Rijn, until shortly concept developer at Waag Society.

- Friday 14 August 2015

Recently, a book was published on how to design apps and websites in such a way that people become captivated by their screens and smartphones.

- Friday 24 July 2015

Hester van Zuthem took part in the ‘24hr Inclusive Design Challenge’ at the Design4Health conference and won the public prize with 'Pulse Pal' designed for Parkinson-patients.

- Thursday 23 July 2015

In Sheffield (UK), the third European Design4Health-conference took place from 13-16 July 2015. Sabine Wildevuur presented the People Value Canvas.