- Monday 25 July 2016

Can the human body be a source of materials for the textile industry? Can we innovate ancient techniques and apply them in the 21th century wool industry?

- Thursday 14 July 2016

Pokémon Go: playing in the streets is a big success, but comes with a notable social impact. But when did playing mobile games in the streets really start?

- Wednesday 13 July 2016

Urban AirQ gives citizens the power to assess the air quality of their streets and neighbourhoods. What happened so far?

- Thursday 07 July 2016

Over the last four years, the Dutch Do It Yourself Biology (DIY Bio) community has continued to incubate and grow within the walls of Waag Society's Open Wetlab. Their research relating to biological applications of hardware, software, wetware, and other DIY tools is never dull, and there...

- Wednesday 06 July 2016

Frank Kresin shared his views on Digital Social Innovation in the closing statements of a recent workshop in Brussels.