Biohacking: DNA Fingerprinting

Last Summer, our Open Wetlab organized a workshop DNA fingerprinting at the Observe Hack Make festival, to bring hackers in contact with the Open Wetlab and Do-It-Yourself biotech. During the hands-on workshop hackers were guided by Pieter van Boheemen (DIY biologist - Open Wetlab) to find out which jars filled with DNA of possible 'suspects' were matching those of a 'crime scene'. In this video of 'DNA fingerprinting' workshop, Pieter explains how it was done in this video:

Workshop DNA fingerprinting at OHM 2013 from Wetlab on Vimeo.

As a sequel to this DNA fingerprinting-workshop, that used DNA from a CSI kit, we are now taking things a step further by analyzing our own genetic material. This is splendid opportunity to start using the equipment of the Open Wetlab and getting familiar with the customs at the lab. After we put three eyebrow hairs in a tube we could start with the pipetting, centrifuging, heating and cooling. With the aid of the Open PCR we multiplied the DNA from the eyebrow hairs a couple of billion times to make it visible in a gel by using electrophoresis and a transilluminator.

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