From a bird to a transparent building

On the table stands a wooden socket, holding a bird made of carton. Below the socket there are two bright orange feet. To complement it, two motors and several wires end in an Arduino. The wings of the bird slowly start to move and after a few flaps it all ends with a computerlike tune. The proud makers are sitting next to their creation, while the audience cheers when the melody starts to play.

Four days they have worked on their creations, with their colleagues of Hout- en Meubileringscollege (a vocational college for woodworking, furniture and interior design). From this bird to a 'transparent' building, a study into innovative hinges, an decorative object for school entries, noice silencers and many other experiments.

Of course, all participants are makers by nature, but the rise of digital fabrication has changed their profession and the future of making. In this first Teacher Maker Camp (HMC Summerschool) for maker education, it was all about creativity, enthusiasm for making, DIY and the eagerness to learn. To inspire teachers, but also to train them in the skills needed for the 21st century. For four days, they became pupils again.

For the unabridged version of this blog, turn to the Dutch page of this blogpost. To see the results, visit the album with many photographs that can be found here.

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