De Populair has been moved

Our twitter tree called 'De Populair' has been moved during the second storm of this year, to the botanical garden of TU Delft. It stood at the castle Muiderslot, but fell down during the first storm on 28 October 2013. And just when a second storm hit our country on 5 December, it was moved to its next location at the botanical garden of Delft (part of Technical University in Delft). Accompanied by our own tree doctor and developer Lodewijk Loos, the tree was successfully transferred to its new home.

It was the second time that the tree was moved. Its first location was in Amsterdam at the Westergasfabriek, then the tree went to the Muiderslot in 2012.

In Delft the tree can regain its strenght for a new twitter season next year. Our digital tree surgeon and developer Lodewijk Loos will implant a Raspberry Pi first. And one of the solar panels has to be replaced as well. In other words: to be continued.


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