Fab Academy final presentations 2012

“I can see you made great progress, but what will this machine do?’’ At their final presentations, professor Neil Gerschenfield of MIT directed, adviced and criticized the projects of the Fab Academy 2012 students. But mostly we heard: “good work, hard work, I can’t wait to see your documentation online”.

On 30 May 2012, through a live video link at the Theatrum Anatomicum of the Waag in Amsterdam more than 50 final presentations could be followed from fourteen Fablabs around the world. On the screen we jumped from that very special project on one end of the world to another at the other side: a motorized glove, steered by sensors on the underarm, an equalizer, a giant rocking chair with lights and a mobile CNC-mill in a suitcase.

In Amsterdam we (Astrid van Roij-Lubsen, Bas Withagen, Cynthia Mavros and Thomas Hopman) were accompanied by Anu Mattaa and Massimo Menichinelli, fellow students from Fablab Helsinki. We presented our ‘fabable’ oscilloscope, a zoetrope, a coil winder, a bicycle computer, an interactive book for inspiration and a Fab payment system.

Fab Academy final project (video)

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