'Garden as Lab' installation travels through the country

In 2017, the Dutch botanical gardens are celebrating the ‘Year of the botanical garden', in which the results are presented of the transformation process of the past years. As a part of this, a team from Waag Society has realised the installation 'Garden as Lab' that will travel trough the country with a selection of DIY tests. In a dome presentation, visitors can experiment and research the things plants are able to do. How they concur the world, if they are colour blind and how they move in search of daylight.

Last week, the tour started at the botanical garden in Delft. Visitors can download the DIY tests from the website (available in Dutch only) or take home a leaflet at the installation. It is part of the projest 'Planting the future', a collaboration between the Nederlandse Vereniging van Botanische Tuinen (NVBT) and Waag Society. Supported by the National Postcode Lottery Fund the garden are working towards a strong green future.

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