Pioneering with maker education

Guest contribution by Aad van der Drift

Maker education for all just got one step closer. On February 11th, Platform Maker Education launched its website,, at the Balie in Amsterdam.

Schools throughout the Netherlands can now follow activities within maker education by using an online voucher system to collaborate with a maker or makerspace expert. And the best part? Applying for a voucher is free. Possible activities include a presentation by an expert, a make a team of teachers at school, a workshop for students in a lab, and more.

The rest of the new online platform is designed to make maker education more accessible for schools and teachers. For instance, the platform offers a calendar full of the 'learning by making' activities available throughout the Netherlands. And you can put your makerspace or school on our interactive map. Anyone can sign up and be a part of the learning community. If we can piece together a better picture of what's happening in maker education both in our neighbourhood and on the other side of the country, we can forge better partnerships.

Platform Maker Education is more than just a network. It's a source of inspiration for anyone who has a passion for 'learning by making', creativity and technology. You can find innovative DIY projects for the classroom (or share them yourself) and keep abreast of the latest news by reading blog posts by teachers.

Maker movement
Platform Maker Education gives a boost to the bottom-up maker education movement in the Netherlands. Due to the grassroots nature of this movement, it's hard to pinpoint exactly when it started. But the fact is that a multitude of initiatives in the Netherlands engaged in maker education, which is characterized by a crossover between the educational and creative sectors, have arisen in recent years. Platform Maker Education was created by and for schools, makers, and makerspaces in the Netherlands.

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