Within Waag Society, we develop a curriculum for all levels of education: from primary schools to universities and art schools. Together with partners in education, the cultural and creative sector, business and science, we make an academic program for "social innovators: creative, original thinkers who are able to make connections between disciplines and to build networks in which there is space for knowledge innovation. Waag Academy tailors educational programs - focusing on knowledge sharing. Creative professionals are challenged in master classes, workshops and trainings tailored to their needs.

The age of personal biotechnology is upon us! Engineers have turned biology in a design discipline and it's now up to us to shape it's applications.

Contact: Emma Pareschi

The Fab Academy provides instruction and supervises investigation of mechanisms, applications and implications of digital fabrication.

Contact: Ista Boszhard

The Textile Academy focuses on combining the knowledge of traditional, current and future craftsmanship to work towards new, relevant ways of producing, making, and designing for the textile and fashion industry.