Waag Research comprises of labs, where the creative research, activities and projects of Waag Society are carried out. A lab is a group of leading researchers, designers and developers organised around a research subject - related to relevant social developments.

Contact: Sabine Wildevuur

The Creative Care Lab gives content to the responsibility of artists and citizens in respect to the radical changes in healthcare.

Contact: Karien Vermeulen

The Creative Learning Lab develops contemporary, exciting educational formats with experts from education, the arts and new media.

Contact: Dick van Dijk

The Future Heritage Lab sees heritage as a ‘workspace’, where people work freely with objects, stories and associations.

Contact: Tom Demeyer

The Future Internet Lab democratizes the access to technology and critically follows and designs the technology for democratization.

Contact: Ista Boszhard

The Open Design Lab makes innovation in the make and design industry transparant and accessible for artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and citizens.

Contact: Lucas Evers

The Open WetLab is a leading place for bio-art, biodesign and do-it-together biology in the heart of Amsterdam. It works together with artists, designers, scientists, and hackers at public participation projects.

In the Smart Citizens Lab we explore tools and applications to map the world around us.