Five example Fablab projects of 2013

In the past year, nearly a hundred of the personal fabrication projects that were realized in our Fablab were published on the website. The Fablab is an open design lab - everything that is made on the open days should be documented and shared on the website under a Creative Commons license.

We went through all projects to select the five best examples that were made in 2013. What makes a well exercised project? 

  • It has a clear general description, so that you understand what it is, or made for. So, unlike having "I'm planning to cover a wall with self developed MDF panels..."  as the sole description.
  • Clear pictures showing as many steps in the process as possible and a photo of the final product.
  • A good documentation, including the machine settings.
  • And finally: the original design files, for others to (re)use, if they want to make the same product or take it as their starting point.

​Many documented projects rather only have a picture and a (very) short description or even none. In many cases, the projects lack the design files and that really is a pity. Anyway, this is our selection of original and well documented projects on the website:

A design for a piece of street furniture: a hybrid object that is both a vertical wall and a busstop, that is even capable of neutralizing carbon monoxide. Beautifully executed and photographed, and complete with the design files. Now, if only this could be the standard...

Wire winder
A very useful product to store your headphone cables without entangling them. A nice idea and it comes with an instructional video (only a few carry that feature). A good second!

Philosophers in dots
Project made with the laser cutter that reminds us of the postage stamps of queen Beatrix designed by Peter Struycken, in this case portraits of famous philosophers in dots. Maybe not so original, but well made and documented, although the documentation module of the website was not used.

Multitrack caroussel slide projector
This originally was designed as an extension of the Dutch windmill, and uses the well known zoetrope as a projector. Not an open design, although it does have a lot of nice renderings of the product. Unfortunately it has no design files or machine settings.

Cecilia's box
Of all boxes and lamps posted at the website, this certainly is the most inventive and original one. This organic form, consisting of many layers, was made by an intern as a storage box during her internship. Good photography, the documentation module was used to describe the steps - but alas, the design files are missing once again!

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