Overview of news items

  • We code
    Future Internet Lab
    500 Amsterdammers are measuring the water quality in Amsterdam this summer. For this purpose they are equipped with a Waterbox to perform several…
  • We make
    Open Design Lab
    After last years' Textile Academy, we now announce a new program made in collaboration with FabTextiles and Academany: the first edition of the…
  • Waag
    Out of the 17 brands represented in the assessment, only three - Dell, Fairphone and HP - provide all spare parts and repair manuals. A few best-in-…
  • We make
    Open Design Lab
    The Science Bus and its crew are under way. Till November 2017 the Science Bus will tour through Europe bringing workshops and tools to investigate…
  • We learn
    Maker Education Lab
    OBA, HvA, Pakhuis de Zwijger and Waag have won the NSVP / GAK SkiLLLsChallenge 2017 with a plan for a Fellowship programme for teachers within the…
  • We learn
    Creative Learning Lab
    The recently published fifth edition of the digital magazine 'Mediawijs in het onderwijs' (Media literacy in education) covers the topic of maker…