Waag Society

Waag Society, institute for art, science & technology, develops creative technology for social innovation. The foundation researches, develops concepts, pilots and prototypes and acts as an intermediate between the arts, science and the media. Waag Society cooperates with cultural, public and private parties.

Waag Society follows the method of Creative Research. Creative Research is experimental, interdisciplinary research. Artists, creatives and end users have a central position and a large influence on the final result: Users as Designers. The classic approach of science and the standard model of research and development is enhanced by this method that cross-links arts, culture and science. Creative Research will bring applications that are suited to the needs and possibilities of their users and is related to participatory design, rapid prototyping, practice based research and tinkering. Waag Society has a strong focus to let user groups participate in internet, new media and technology that otherwise have limited access.

Waag Society was established on December 1st, 1994.

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(Written by guest authors or on behalf of the organisation).

Posted on:
Monday 20 February 2017

Airbnb's founders need to stop spamming and start helping the cities that are making them rich, says David Zetland in this guest blog.

Posted on:
Monday 13 February 2017

A guest blog by Karlijne Opmeer about her work at the TextileLab and Open Wetlab and her experiences using bacteria for textile dyeing.

Posted on:
Wednesday 01 February 2017

Suzanne van Lier & Joke de Hoogh, teachers at the elementary school de Regenboog in Amsterdam, told us about the experience with Smart Kids Lab in their lessons.