Frank Kresin

Frank Kresin is Research Director at Waag Society, responsible for the research programme and chairman of the Management Team. The research programme consists of six research themes, aimed at healthcare, education, culture, society, the government and the business world. Frank has a background as filmmaker and holds a masters degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Amsterdam. He has worked as a programme manager at the Dutch Digital University Consortium, and filmmaker functional designer at the University of Amsterdam. He is a board member for ISOC NL and The Mobile City, and currently serves in the steering committees of Erfgoed & Locatie (Heritage & Location) and CineGrid Amsterdam.

Since 2006, he leads the programme group of Waag Society, that develops new projects and initiatives, where consortia are formed and financing is secured. He stood at the start of many projects of Waag Society as well as others and is concerned with themes like Creative Care, Future Internet, Open design and Open Data. Among the projects he (co-)founded are CineGrid Amsterdam, Apps for Amsterdam, Nederland Opent Data, Kies op Maat and Geheugen van Almere. Frank regularly presents and writes on transdisciplinary research in the creative industry.



Posted on:
Thursday 27 October 2016

Frank Kresin co-hosted a 'Citizens of Tomorrow' workshop in Taipei. For two days, smart citizens, hackable cities & digital social innovation were discussed.

Posted on:
Tuesday 30 August 2016

We should do anything in our might to stop mass surveillance from being the default, says Frank Kresin. Time to demand and use end-to-end encryption on all communication channels.

Posted on:
Wednesday 06 July 2016

Frank Kresin shared his views on Digital Social Innovation in the closing statements of a recent workshop in Brussels.