Amsterdam Maakplaats 021

021 Maakplaats Amsterdam is a scale-up of our years of pioneering activities and efforts in the maker movement, maker education and the development of 21st century skills. Waag Society will train employees of the OBA (public libraries of Amsterdam) in maker education and digital fabrication.

The first 'Maakplaats' (or maker space) is opened in Amsterdam North. Within a period of three years, about ten libraries in Amsterdam will get a dedicated set of machines and will transform into maker spaces. To train the staff of these new spaces, Waag Society organizes Teacher Maker Camps and other training workshops. We also organize public series of FabSchool activities at the newly opened spaces.

Amsterdam Maakplaats 021 is a collaboration between the public libraries of Amsterdam (OBA), the city makers community of Pakhuis the Zwijger in Amsterdam, students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and Waag Society (Fablab Amsterdam, Platform Maker Education and FabSchool).

This programme is supported by the City of Amsterdam.

Duration of the project: 
23-02-2017 to 31-12-2018