Amsterdammers, maak je stad!

Amsterdam is Europe's most innovative city. In a competition organized by the European Commission, Amsterdam beat cities like Paris, Vienna and Turin. According to the jury, Amsterdam took the lead with smart, social and creative solutions for a better life in the city. In addition to this honor, Amsterdam gets a cash prize. And that price is for all Amsterdammers because we make the city together.

Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad! is a development program initiated by the City of Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Kennisland and Waag Society. This is also supported by the Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam Smart City and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions.

Through this program, we support city-makers, active citizens and social entrepreneurs with their initiatives to make and live our city for everyone. In concrete terms, this means calling on Amsterdammers to share their practices, citizens' initiatives and businesses with us by signing in. Thirty to fifty of the most innovative and meaningful practices in Amsterdam participate in this development process, and are also financially supported.

Increased innovation
The challenges in our city require creativity and thought of all people in Amsterdam. How do we maintain quality of life as demographics and the city change? How do we ensure that young and old continue to develop their talents? And how do we do this in a way that benefits everyone? Many answers to these questions can already be found in the city. Local social initiatives that are providing these answers deserve a boost and must be supported.

In this project, Waag Society and its partners, take Amsterdammers along a 6-month program: with each other and with the help of experts, Initiative are further developed during this process in an open, honest and inclusive way. This can be done in areas like ​​strategy and project organization, but also in communication and funding. But it is not only about these subjects. It is also about recognizing that we can strengthen each other through synergy and cooperation.  As an institute focussing on possibilities and challenges surrounding technology, Waag Society is particularly interested in initiatives that use technology as a means of contributing to the city.

Themes: health and talent
Amsterdam is an innovative city maker in many areas. Still, we have chosen to make Amsterdammers, Make your City! Focus on 2 themes that are essential to an Amsterdam in which everyone has equal opportunities: 'Healthy City' and 'Talentful City'.

Project related events: 
Duration of the project: 
01-01-2017 to 01-03-2018