The COMMIT program brings together leading researchers in search engines, parallel computing, databases, interaction in context, embedded systems and knowledge technology.

COMMIT is currently the largest Dutch public-private research programme in ICT. Invoved are 16 knowledge institutes and 64 profit and non-profit organisations. Examples are Philips, TNO, Chess Engineering, Thales, ANP and many other high tech businesses.

Aim of COMMIT is to broaden and enforce the Dutch knowledge infrastructure in ICT and to better position Dutch companies in international competition by connection the best scientists to hightech companies.

There are 16 projects in which researchers of universities, technological institutes and businesses are participating.

Waag Society' Creative Care Lab is involved in 3 of these projects within the COMMIT programme:

  • Virtual Worlds for Wellbeing (p4), 
  • Sensor Content for Wellbeing (p5) and
  • Trusted Healthcare Services (p15)

Creative Learning Lab is involved in one project, the ‘Embodied Playful Learning Theatre’ which will be the result of pilot ‘Play’ within ‘Virtual Worlds for Wellbeing’ (p4). 

This project is made possible by a subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Duration of the project: 
30-04-2011 to 30-04-2015