Kids grow up in a world where the Internet surrounds them, where being online is our normal state of being. This provides young people with a large amount of opportunities, but it also means we have to educate them about potential risks.

Cryptokids does just that. Together with Bits of Freedom and Network Democracy, we develop a series of lessons for kids aged ten to fourteen, in which they gain insight into the technical structure of the Internet, how data works, who is actually in charge online and why privacy matters. But more importantly, we try to empower them and provide tools for them to be more secure and to take charge of their own data when they surf the web.

Cryptokids had two first pilot versions in 2014. In 2016, work started to create the educational material for teachers and others interested in the topic. The lessons will be available through 'teach the teacher' sessions in 2017 under the title "Who is the boss on the Internet?". A free downloadable pdf can be found under the heading 'Publications'.

Cryptokids is a collaboration between Waag Society, Bits of Freedom and Network Democracy.

Duration of the project: 
01-10-2015 to 01-05-2017