Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge is a series within our events programme for handycrafters, (student) artists, designers and other creatives in and around our Makers Guild at the Waag, a cooperation between Fablab Amsterdam and the Open Wetlab.

This series offers a symbiosis of going out (DJ's, bar) and experimenting with old crafts, art, design and new digital production techniques (Hypercraft). In every event we are searching for an inspiring mix of people, fields of expertise, music and more. We invite artists that made work that related to the chosen theme of the event.

Themes could be e.g.: Share (open design, Fusion), Trash to treasure (copy/re-make culture: objects, video, music), Food Fab (Bio-experiments & design), Tex-periments (Weaver revolution, hypercrafting experiments with fashion), Sound bites (building experimental musical instruments, Arduino programming, crackleboxes), Culture clash (local and global tribes, folk art & design, decorations, habits, folk tales, music).

Target group
The audience is a mix of young artists, designers, scientist (or students), handycrafters and creatives from Amsterdam and surroundings.

This series takes place at the Waag in Amsterdam, a unique historical place in the centre and is made possible by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK)


Duration of the project: 
15-06-2013 to 15-06-2014