Digital Museum Lab

The Digital Museum Lab aims to encourage experimentation, reflection and evaluation and facilitates this through a permanent physical lab space in the Allard Pierson Museum and a public program. Through DEN (Digital Heritage Netherlands), there is coordination with the network Digital Heritage, through Waag Society there is a strong link with the creative industries and through the research group Crossmedia of the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, there is knowledge on new opportunities of all kinds of media and on public perception.

The Lab’s program focuses on:

  • The integration of (new) technologies in the exhibition space.
  • Personalizing the visitor experience.
  • Finding sustainable solutions, with software and hardware being adaptable, reusable and intuitive.

The Digital Museum Lab is a small, open and flexible platform where it is possible for museums to (let) test specific applications. Themes that we program include smart objects, augmented reality, beacons, sensor technology, 3D models and environments. Findings are shared with colleagues from the international museum and heritage domain via regular Meetup meetings.

Duration of the project: 
01-11-2015 to 31-10-2017