Openthings platform

Project documentation is seen as an challenging issue, that still has a lot of room for improvement. Improving possibilities for project documentation would be of great added value for maker spaces such as Fab Labs and the maker movement as a whole.

Openthings is a platform for designers who want to go beyond consuming and become prosumers. By becoming productive-consumers, people are able to flourish. The Openthings users are like bees, spreading and sharing knowledge. Their knowledge is used to enhance the projects of other contributors. This system of sharing works both ways and is the fuel of Openthings. Openthings is power through collaborative design - it is a community of prosumers.

Waag Society has decided to support the Openthings platform in its development. Furthermore, Waag Society has embraced Openthings as the platform for project documentation for Waag specific projects, like Fablab Amsterdam or Platform Maker Education.

Duration of the project: