Self Building Building

The Self Building Building project responds to residents’ needs to design and customize their own living environment. Moreover, it searches for solutions to the stagnation in the building practice. The project aims to involve both end users and clients in the process of making buildings. Digital fabrication and interactive technology play an important role. Future residents will be able to translate their wishes into physical building elements, produced using a file-to-factory process, process of design and realization of design which is completely digital. This open design principle renews the interaction between client, architect, financier, owner and user. The project should lead to a new construction paradigm, from design to property, as an alternative for the usual way a building or district is established.

The idea for Self Building Building was created during the PICNIC Festival in 2011. During this three-day festival, the NDSM Wharf saw an exceptional sculpture emerge combining ancient earth building techniques with computer-generated design: HyperMud, built by the Open Design Lab of Waag Society.

Self Building Building is supported by ‘Stichting Beheer NDSM-werf’. Director Frank Alsema is co-designing the project and is currently looking for a suitable location on the NDSM. In 2013, the first location at NDSM in the North of Amsterdam will be made suitable for building. NDSM has always been a place for experimentation and focuses on the city of the future the coming years.

The research proposal for the Self Building Building projects was made by Karen van der Moolen (Waag Society), Tomasz Jaskiewicz (iNSA), Lilet Breddels (Archis) and Alexander Zeh (Topika).

Duration of the project: 
01-01-2013 to 31-12-2015