“A specification (or spec) is an explicit set of requirements to be satisfied by a material, product, or service.” (

Within the series SPECS, Waag Society is looking for the specifications that make up the Internet. Next to this, we try to map the impact the web has on our society. In this series, we examine what happens behind the scenes of the Internet and our society. What choices are made ​​concerning the role and functioning of the Internet and how are these choices made? Which specs are relevant, crucial or forgotten? And what is the impact of this?

In a series of debates and events, we show you how various newsitems are linked with the Internet and the specifications that make up our networked society. Such as legislation and regulations, technical or social aspects and unwritten rules. Each session is a critical reflection on the invisible part of the Internet.

We want to know what the bottom of the iceberg looks like. That part which is normally not visible for us. And we will not be studying this alone. Within SPECS, we provide a platform to anyone that is looking for the underground and overhead structures of the Internet and our society.

SPECS is supported by Creative Industries Fund NL.

Duration of the project: 
28-01-2013 to 31-12-2013