Waag Society and Drents Audiovisual Archive (DAVA) developed the multimedia table Wisselkabinet (Exchange Cabinet). This piece of furniture connects the stories of elderly people with film and photo material of the archive of Drenthe and was placed in care centre Dekelhem in Gieten in 2007. Purpose of the cabinet was to connect the local and personal heritage by adding the stories to the material supplied by the archive.

Waag Society has developed several projects that made a connection between the physical and virtual and others that linked cultural heritage and personal heritage. Wisselkabinet also builds on the vast experience of Waag Society with the Storytable developed in 2003-2005. It is the latest version in this narrative furniture series.

Partners in this project were DAVA (Archive of Drenthe), GGZ Drenthe and !Pet. The Drents Exchange Cabinet opened in Spring 2007.

Duration of the project: 
31-08-2006 to 31-03-2007