Coen Bergman

Coen Bergman works as project developer and fundraiser for the Future Internet Lab of Waag Society. He has a background in public administration and the creative sector and is interested in innovative solutions for complex societal issues.

Before his current position, he was active as freelance fundraiser in the social-cultural field and developed projects for (among others) Favela Painting, an international social art project. Before that, Coen worked as advisor at project agency Diversion.


Posted on:
Friday 22 September 2017

Taiwan is an innovator in the field of public participation and renewing the relationship between citizens and the government. Coen visited Taiwan and shares his experiences.

Posted on:
Tuesday 08 August 2017

The government is rapidly developing a large number of digital services. We do not want to leave the development of this digital infrastructure to corporate giants like Google and Microsoft.