Dick van Dijk

Dick van Dijk is Creative Director at Waag Society. Part of his role at Waag Society is creating interactive concepts, strategizing design research and user involvement, and monitoring the development of the actual ‘thing’. He is mostly interested in the crossover between virtual and physical interactions, in creating a narrative space, a place for imagination.

As concept developer he has worked on projects as diverse as the MuseumApp, the Storyville storytelling apps, Scottie and Operation Sigismund. He has spoken and lectured on (location based) storytelling, interaction design, playful learning and co-creation. Dick is co-author of several publications like 'Users as Designers' and 'Waarde van Verbondenheid' (Dutch), on social connectedness. He is co-author of the book 'Connect, Design for an Emphatic Society' of age-driven design.

Dick has a background in Business Economics and History of Art and is currently extending his creative skills in the context of an Arts Academy. Dick is part of the Fontys Media Lectorate/Fontys FutureMediaLab.


Wed 18 November 2015
The process of co-creation is a bit of a black box. That's why we're busy making a toolkit for cultural heritage professionals to assist them in working with co-creation.
Thu 27 August 2015
Heritage can be found everywhere. Not just in museum collections, presented at a nice location, or locked up in storage.
Tue 21 July 2015
Szandra Iván recently graduated at University Twente (Creative Technology) with an exploration of new prototypes that would fit the context of the meSch project. Dick van Dijk discusses the project with Szandra.
Tue 21 October 2014
A group of young citizens and museum employees discuss culture within the RICHES project.
Thu 12 December 2013
Per 1 December 2013 the project RICHES has started. This research focuses on the power of our heritage in a changing society.