Ester van der Geest

Ester is as chief editor responsible for the communication from Waag Society to the outside world. She continuously seeks new ways to maximize the impact of all the exciting research, projects, and tools with which Waag Society is involved. This may mean a massive public event on one occasion, while on another a publication, a blog post, or even an old fashioned phone call will prove more efficient. How do we make technology into something that actually works for us? Waag Society is on a mission. So is Ester. 

Ester has broad experience both as a journalist (het Financieele Dagblad / the Dutch Financial Daily) and as an entrepreneurial professional. Before she joined Waag Society, she was on the board of a pioneering collective that realized restaurants (Hotel de Goudfazant, Radio Royaal and Café Modern) and a boutique hotel (Sweet Dreamz). She is an experienced stakeholder manager and event organizer. Ester studied Social neuropsychology (cum laude) and Journalism & Media in Amsterdam.

Posted on:
Monday 04 April 2016

Going from poor-to-poor towards peer-to-peer: how do we get to an open, sustainable and purpose economy?

Posted on:
Wednesday 11 March 2015

How do we find the right ICT-solutions to complex urban problems? During the Code for NL launch I followed the 'crowd sensing' workshop: a method to discover new creative solutions in a record time.