Henk Buursen

Henk Buursen is Head of System Administration since 2000.

It all started with only three servers and a rented data line and has grown into a network at three locations connected by optical fibre and Wi-Fi. The original servers have been replaced by 25 work horses that monthly will capacitate tens of terabytes of traffic.

Nowadays, Henk is also actively involved in teaching as tutor in our FabSchool series at Fablab Amsterdam.


Posted on:
Monday 24 August 2015

With technology that is just a few months on the market, it is possible to build an internet network for things without 3G or WiFi.

Posted on:
Friday 05 June 2015

An interesting video conversation with Neil Gershenfeld, founder of the FabLab, physicist and the Director of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms. He is the author of FAB.

Posted on:
Sunday 11 January 2015

Aaron Swartz died two years ago, on January 11, 2013. Time to remember him through the documentary 'The Internet's own boy'.