Hester van Zuthem

Hester van Zuthem worked as concept developer at Waag Society. Hester has a background in Design for Interaction (TU Delft) and Design Cultures (VU Amsterdam). She uses the combination of design and design-research to develop products and services that contribute to a more sustainable and healthy society.

Hester started as a graduation intern at Waag Society in November 2013 to complete her education as interaction designer. In her graduation project she did research into ‘community well-being’ and developed a framework to design with and for communities.

Posted on:
Tuesday 26 September 2017

In the Dutch project FIT we are aiming to support people who suffer from dementia and their carers in finding the right solutions in and around the home.

Posted on:
Thursday 13 April 2017

End of March the project 'Applied gaming for a non-smoking generation' started. In this project we develop game elements for young (expectant) mothers in order to help them quit smoking.

Posted on:
Friday 20 May 2016

We had the opportunity to play the new game WeQu, which recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. How does it work?