Ista Boszhard

Ista Boszhard works as concept developer at Waag Society. Before that she worked as a teacher at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and she is still connected to the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where she develops several programmes.

In 2011, she graduaded at the University Utrecht - master Creative Design, after her bachelors Design at the AMFI and Cultural Sciences at the University of Amsterdam.


Posted on:
Monday 29 May 2017

Recently, scientist Tessa Luijben and designer Margherita Soldati started their (graduation) research in the TextileLab. An update!

Posted on:
Tuesday 06 December 2016

By making and breaking open up processes, materials, textiles, tools and techniques we explore how we want things to be in the textile and clothing industry.

Posted on:
Thursday 02 June 2016

The TextileLab in Amsterdam in the Waag is now a reality. How can technology, open design, and experimentation contribute to a more sustainable and ethical innovation in the textile and clothing industry?