Ivonne Jansen-Dings

Ivonne Jansen-Dings works as project manager and programme developer at Waag Society.

Ivonne is active in the field of Smart Cities (Smart Citizens). She has led numerous projects on a local, national and European level in the field of citizen participation, civic engagement and open data.

How do we move from naive techno-optimism to a society where technology is democratized in such a way that it enables us to be more informed, involved and empowered; so we can improve our own quality of life and take control of our own environment? These questions drive the work Ivonne is currently doing at Waag Society and the programs she develops around Smart Citizens, Coding Morality and Open Policy.


Posted on:
Friday 25 August 2017

We need to move away from some of the Smart City rhetoric that seems to imply that the alternative is a dumb city, says Ivonne Jansen-Dings.

Posted on:
Thursday 01 June 2017

Why should you measure, when there is nothing to measure? This was the central question at the third meeting in our Making Sense pilot in measuring gamma radiation.

Posted on:
Thursday 12 November 2015

Code for Eindhoven is part of Code for NL, a project in which people with a technological background are placed within local governments. In Eindhoven, three code fellows will start this month.