Jimena Gauna

Jimena Gauna is part of the communication team of Waag Society. She is a keen photographer, designer and videographer.

Jimena studied branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and graduated with a lifestyle concept for children, bringing a new approach towards sustainability. During her study she started a communication agency together with her sister, focused on concept development and brand building.

Posted on:
Thursday 10 November 2016

This year, we transformed our Theatrum Anatonicum into a Do-it-Yourself Healthcare Clinic for one night. Empower the patient!

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Thursday 11 August 2016

We went looking for bacteria in the red light district of Amsterdam, to map microbes in the area. An image report.

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Thursday 09 October 2014

Our Creative Care Lab and Creative Learning Lab presented their interactive prototypes and concepts during the two-day event 'The Big Future of Data' of the COMMIT/ research.