Job Spierings

Job Spierings is project manager at Waag Society in Amsterdam where he leads projects that aim to achieve social innovation with creative technology.

Spierings studied musicology at Utrecht University and has extensive experience in managing complex international projects. He combines analytical insight and social involvement with an eye for innovative ideas and elegant solutions.

Posted on:
Thursday 03 April 2014

Thanks to the challenge Open Data FWD, a lot of new mobility data became available for Amsterdam. Time for an update.

Posted on:
Friday 20 December 2013

Data models, ontologies, thesauri and vocabularies: all attemps to systematically arrange the knowledge of our world. The importance of these systems increases exponentially now that databases are opened, shared and linked.

Posted on:
Tuesday 10 September 2013

Why did Waag Society develop the CitySDK? It helps to open up data, provides essential tools for developing digital services in the city, and ensures that you can quickly make the most of the ever-growing technical possibilities.