Karien Vermeulen

Karien Vermeulen works as head of programme education at Waag Society for Creative Learning Lab.

In her function Karien wants to inspire education to develop projects together in which new technology is used to create an optimal learning environment. In this, creativity, co-creation, experimenting, the learning experience and above all the pupils are the key elements.


Posted on:
Friday 29 April 2016

Robin van Westen and Karien Vermeulen write about their trip to Denmark, where they were invited to present at the FabLearn conference.

Posted on:
Friday 20 November 2015

For ten weeks, teachers from primary education in Amsterdam were guided by Pauline Maas and Berend Weij in our course CodePower, to work on programming, robotics, game design and maker education.

Posted on:
Monday 30 March 2015

TED is known to prepare its speakers extensively. But, taken together, the strong push towards an identical format seems to have erased some of the uniqueness from the talks.