Martin Risseeuw

Martin Risseeuw worked as interaction designer at Waag Society. Martin earlier followed the Fab Academy and worked on the 'Happiness Project' and meSch. Martin designed and deployed many of the project websites of Waag Society, like Fablab Amsterdam, Amsterdecks, Transparant Nederland and Doing It Together Science (DITOs).

After finishing his studies in interaction design, he started a bachelor programme of Interactive/Media/Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Martin is passionate about many different creative fields. One can find him walking through Amsterdam taking pictures or spending hours listening to music. He finds his inspiration in everyday life and artist & designers such as: Dieter Rams, Jonathan Ive, Aaron Koblin and many others.


Posted on:
Thursday 18 February 2016

What moves web designers these days? To find an answer to this question, Martin Risseeuw visited the AWWWARDS conference in Amsterdam in January.

Posted on:
Thursday 21 May 2015

People and things will be more connected to each other than ever before, making access more important than ownership. This is why Martin Risseeuw created Openthings.

Posted on:
Friday 08 May 2015

On behalf of Waag Society, Martin Risseeuw visited Museums and the Web 2015 in Chicago, Illinois in April and presented the meSch heritage project.