Meia Wippoo

Meia Wippoo is concept designer and educational developer for Waag Society’s Creative Learning Lab and Future Heritage Lab, but also works on projects of Future Internet Lab. She specialises in storytelling, behavioural change, method development, embodied learning and design thinking. Meia both designs media applications and products and develops educational programs, workshops and events for various themes and audiences.

Meia has two Master of Art degrees; one from the University of Amsterdam (Media Studies) and the University of the Arts Utrecht (Concept and Direction). She also studied te become a primary school teacher when she started working at Waag Society. This combined background comes in handy on a daily basis.

At Waag Society Meia was responsible for the development and design of i.a. the Moodroom, ‘Superhero island’, the Hortus Chat app, the toolkit for open educational data, and the ‘Start a Movement’ program in DecarboNet and BigPicnic.

Prior to working for Waag Society Meia was a freelance concept designer and educator. Meia also has been active in various boards. She was vice-chair for VERS (the largest network organisation in The Netherlands for film- and television makers) for 3 years, lead the media team of that same organisation for 2 years, and organised lectures and inspirational talks for media professionals for 2 years. In 2012-13 Meia started the Made For Web Academy with three other partners. MFWA is a educational program for media professionals who want to use the internet as their platform.


Posted on:
Monday 04 July 2016

More and more cultural (heritage) institutions are trying to redefine their role in society. This also applies to the 15 botanical gardens in Europe and Uganda that are partners in the new European project BigPicnic.

Posted on:
Monday 11 January 2016

In December, 196 countries signed an agreement in Paris during COP21 to bring down the CO2 emission levels. An important development. We need the government leaders on the barricades.

Posted on:
Tuesday 24 June 2014

For the project WEAVE / ZigZag we travelled to Bulgaria last week, to exchange knowledge about the textile and heritage workshops that Waag Society, Explora (children's museum in Rome) and Art Land (Bulgarija) have developed lately.