Sabine Wildevuur

Sabine Wildevuur works as Head of Programme for healthcare projects at Waag Society's Creative Care Lab.

How can ICT applications, electronic communication and the internet play a supporting role in the policy where the patient / client is central? Can creative technology reduce pressure on care, reduce costs and increase accessibility and quality? By bringing together various parties involved in healthcare in innovation workshops and design workshops, she looks for answers to these questions. Innovation in healthcare requires a new perspective on the problems in healthcare and a new approach, such as that of the creative industry.

Posted on:
Wednesday 13 December 2017

What role can design play for healthcare? And how? These questions were central during the Design for Health (D4H) conference in Melbourne.

Posted on:
Friday 11 August 2017

Many eHealth applications are actually not finding their way into daily practice, because they do not meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals. What are the conditions to change this?

Posted on:
Friday 17 February 2017

Sabine Wildevuur works three months as a research fellow at Fondation Brocher in Switzerland to write a study about the social impact of new eHealth and telemedicine-applications.