Suzanne Heerschop

Suzanne Heerschop worked as project manager at Waag Society.

Suzanne worked before as product manager in the games industry. At Waag Society she carried a varied portfolio of projects. Among these were European projects Code for Europe and DecarboNet, but also our childrens' make course FabSchool Kids.


Posted on:
Thursday 28 May 2015

In two schools in The Netherlands, we examine semi-plug 'n play materials you can put to use in the classroom. Such materials contribute to knowledge construction rather than just knowledge transfer.

Posted on:
Thursday 30 April 2015

It's a good thing to have the 'Users as Designers' design philosophy at your disposal. But, it's even better when that philosophy is picked up and applied by a foreign project partner.

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Tuesday 11 March 2014

What better way of acquiring new ways of working than by simply doing it and learn form the experience? Without consciously knowing it, this is the principle behind the Code for Europe Fellowship program.