Wieke Betten

Wieke Betten is a concept developer of the Open Wetlab staff and she is co-organisator of the Do It Together Science workshops.

Wieke Betten was in 2016 a panel member ‘collaborative biohacking’ at SXSW and also active in the organisation of our Open Wetlab-nights. Wieke is a researcher and lecturer at the Athena Institute of VU University in Amsterdam. In 2010 she finished her master International Public Health and Communication, also at VU University.


Posted on:
Wednesday 08 March 2017

The speed at which our biotechnological world is changing makes it difficult to reflect on how we feel about it. Het Praktikum offers a platform for this, during the first edition we analyzed CRISPR technology and debat.

Posted on:
Thursday 25 February 2016

Every Tuesday night we open up the Wetlab for anyone who is interested in learning, making, doing new cool bio-concepts and bio-things. Since the beginning of this year we have changed the format a little bit.