Xiamyra Daal

Xiamyra Daal is concept developer at the Open Wetlab of Waag Society. She coordinates the bio workshops, and guides the Open Wetlab activities, where she shares her fascination and enthusiasm for biology with everybody.

Xiamyra studied Biomedical Sciences in Leiden during which she gained her laboratory experience. Xiamyra loves to make things herself.

Posted on:
Wednesday 25 October 2017

What is a biohacker, what does a biohacker do and why should anyone become one? With the BioHack Academy #5 around the corner we listed 7 reasons why.

Posted on:
Thursday 05 October 2017

The 'Metaal Kathedraal': a former church and metal factory, but now a cultural and ecological breeding ground at the edge of Utrecht. Xiamyra went to visit the place.

Posted on:
Monday 02 October 2017

MAD summerschool, sounds like a crazy summerschool but it actually stands for ‘Man and Design’ i.e. a design summerschool. Xiamyra participated.