Waag Society regularly has vacancies for (software) developers, interaction developers, project managers or concept developers. Please note that in most cases you need a fluency in Dutch when applying for a job at Waag Society!

We would like Waag Society employees to be:

  • enthusiastic
  • able to co-operate
  • socially engaged
  • innovative
  • creative
  • interested in technology

Waag Society also has an active internship policy. Many people get their practical experience through an internship at Waag Society, working at a project or at staff functions. If we have internships available these will be listed below. Please note that you can only apply for the jobs or internships listed below - if there are none mentioned, applications can not be submitted at that moment. Next to every vacancy is always mentioned how to apply.

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We're looking for enthusiastic, hands-on workshop leaders with excellent social skills and a love for science to drive our Science Bus across Europe. Apply until 28th of April 2017!

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Help us reach a community of citizens, experts, developers and civil servants that want to help change the way our governments work.

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We are looking for an intern to help us with the communication between our maker space Fablab Amsterdam and the outer world.

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We are looking for an intern to continue our research with pigmented bacteria, to find alternatives to the dye sector in the textile industry.

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We are looking for an intern circular fashion product design at our Open Wetlab/TextileLab in Amsterdam.