MeSch workshop @ Online Educa

Waag Society and partners in the meSch project will conduct a Pre-Conference workshop at the OEB (Online Educa Berlin) conference on December 2nd, 2015. OEB is the global, cross-sector conference on technology supported learning and training. Dick van Dijk (creative director) and Suzanne Heerschop (project manager) will lead the workshop on behalf of Waag Society.

The workshop will be geared at educators, letting them explore the authoring tool/meSch kit, as a potential educational tool. The meSch tools have the potential to learn pupils about storytelling, technology and interactive experiences, beyond what is now often offered as digital storytelling projects. The feedback from the educators will be useful for the exploitation plan and possibly identifies a strategic route for uptake outside the heritage domain.

More information about the conference can be found here.

woensdag 02 december 2015, 10.00 u. tot 13.00 u.
OEB, Hotel InterContinental, Berlin, germany