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Positivist arts, fundamental innovation

9-10-13 19:00 - 9-10-13 21:00
Royal Academy of Art, Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN Den Haag

Neither sciences nor arts are neutral or value-free. The same counts for any form of collaboration or interaction between the fields. The arts often have a 'bias' towards an aesthetic of the ontological, specifically when it comes to the natural- and techno-science. In turn those sciences see the arts often as a rich source of inspiration for innovation. Observing this, the roles of autonomous and applied arts and of fundamental and applied sciences are often mingled and swapped, feeding productive misunderstandings and unexpected outcomes, with artist behaving like fundamental scientists and scientists with artistic ambitions.

Artist Bradley Pitts tells about his relation to science, scientific institutions and scientists and Professor Petran Kockelkoren about his research into “the technological mediation of perception and the influence thereof on art and design".

The Future of Art & Science Collaborations is a series of double lectures by eminent international researchers and practitioners from the field where art and science interact. From October 7-11 October the Lorentz Centre (Leiden) welcomes 25 researchers and practitioners to explore future benefits and challenges, processes and politics and collaborations between art and science.

The Future of Art & Science Collaborations is realized with the financial support from Creative Industries Fund, Mondriaan Fund and Stichting Doen.

Bradley Pitts, Petran Kockelkoren 
Moderation Taco Stolk

Royal Academy of Art
Prinsessegracht 4
2514 AN Den Haag

Wednesday 9 October 2013
starting at 20.00 hrs.

Limited seating. Free entrance, please register below.