The Future of Art & Science collaborations

The Future of Art & Science Collaborations was a series of lectures by eminent international researchers and practitioners in the field where art and science interact. The first lectures series was held in October 2013, when the presentations took place at institutions that position themselves in the midst of the development of art & science interactions in Leiden, The Hague and Amsterdam. A second series took place at the beginning of 2014, while the concluding lectures were held in May 2015.

Video channel
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8 May 2015
Jens Hauser and Frank Theys
How do we know what we know – the possible role of art in science (and science in art?). This evening was the concluding event of the series. With an introduction by Lucas Evers and a presentation by program curator Jacco van Uden.

Living tissues and living issues in 2014
Living tissues and living issues was a second series in February 2014 of three evenings that looked at how technology shapes new relations between organisms and in turn how technology is shaped by those organisms. From an artistic, academic and sociopolitical perspective we looked at issues of hybridity, performativity and food as these seemingly unrelated topics have a very strong influence on how we perceive the Other and each other in modern society. These were the three evenings in this series:

13 February 2014
Hybrids, Chimeras and Other Monsters
Lecture: Joanna Jeśman, interview: Laura Mudde, interviewee: Guy Ben-Ary, moderation: Lucas Evers

20 February 2014
(Per)Formativity of BioArt
Lecture: Joanna Jeśman, interview: Laura Mudde, interviewee: Maria Verstappen en Erwin Driessens, moderation: Lucas Evers

27 February 2014
Gustatory Semantics
Lecture: Joanna Jeśman, interview: Laura Mudde, interviewee: Chloé Rutzerfeld, moderation: Lucas Evers

First series of lectures in 2013

7 October 2013
Communicating art, communicating science
Svenja Kratz, currently working as an artist in one the biotech labs of Leiden University and Kat Austen, trained both in science and art and writing for The New Scientist, explained from their own practice.

8 October 2013
Art, Science and DIY
What can Bio Art, DIY Biology and the Life Sciences learn from each other? Dr. Denise Kera, Assistant Professor at the University of Singapore has published extensively about Citizen Science and DIY and follows and supports science community labs and alternative R&D places. Dr. Ingeborg Reichle wrote her dissertation at Humboldt-University Berlin about artists moving their practice from the art studio to bio-technology laboratories. 

9 October 2013
Positivist arts, fundamental innovation
Artist Bradley Pitts told about his relation to science, scientific institutions and scientists and Professor Petran Kockelkoren about his research into “the technological mediation of perception and the influence thereof on art and design".

10 October 2013
Art, science and the future of medical collections
Associate Professor of Medical Science Communication at Copenhagen Medical Museion Louise Emma Whiteley and Manon Parry, Assistant Professor Public History at Amsterdam University explained.

The Future of Art and Science Collaborations was a collaboration between Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends, Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science, Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Royal Academy of Visual Arts The Hague, The Arts and Genomics Center, Waag Society and the Lorentz Centre.

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