Laurie Skelton

Laurie werkt voor Waag Society als (web)designer en redacteur.

Laurie is afgestudeerd in de Engelse taal en Humaniora aan de Universiteit of Alabama (summa cum laude), en behaalde een MSc in Interactieve Media aan de University of Limerick (Ierland).


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dinsdag 02 februari 2016

The next performance in the Trust Me, I'm an Artist (TMIAA) project will take place at the transmediale festival in Berlin. I interviewed Lucas Evers, head of Open Wetlab, about the project.

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maandag 30 november 2015

María Boto Ordoñez is the founder of PET*IT, a line of designer accessories and toys for microorganisms. Recently, we decided to ask María about where she got her inspiration for treating micro-organisms as pampered pets.

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maandag 09 november 2015

To explore the fascinating (though sometimes tumultuous) landscape of modern architecture, Waag Society recently hosted an evening of presentations from five architectural experts within the Design/Fabrication Lab project.