- dinsdag 03 mei 2016

Lucas Evers visited Belgium for the event 'What’s the matter with cooperation', and was struck by vases made of 'rare earth' at the Water War exhibition.

- vrijdag 29 april 2016

Robin van Westen and Karien Vermeulen write about their trip to Denmark, where they were invited to present at the FabLearn conference.

- dinsdag 26 april 2016

Missed our future heritage conference at the Volkshotel? Here’s a recap of what happened during two days of inspiring keynotes, urban safari’s and more.

- maandag 25 april 2016

Museums and the Web (MW) is one of the bigger international heritage conferences, and this year in its 20th edition. Dick van Dijk shares his experience.

- donderdag 21 april 2016

Tal van voorbeelden van toegepaste duurzame bouw zijn te vinden op FabCity, dat zich richt op de stad van de toekomst. Een bezoek waard!