Care Lab


Today, technology has a strong influence on healthcare. The Care Lab is based in design thinking: designers, artists, healthcare workers and people in need of healthcare collectively work on innovative solutions. The lab researches the role of technology in healthcare. More and more, we are able to monitor our health, and medical data are processed digitally. How can we both ensure privacy as well as improve healthcare by the knowledge we gather about ourselves?

The Care Lab researches the role of technology in healthcare.

The Care Lab doesn’t refer to patients, but to people in need of healthcare. She values the knowledge and power these people have themselves. People who are chronically ill are often very capable of feeling or thinking which solutions would work best for them. This is why, in the MakeHealth project, we facilitate cooperation leading to personalised healthcare solutions, which are shared open-source via the worldwide Careables platform. 

Next to this, we base our thinking about healthcare on the power of artists and designers. Every year, the Care Lab is partner in the Embassy of Health at Dutch Design Week. Here, we curate projects by designers focusing on mainstream healthcare and well-being. Design thinking is an important part of the projects the Care Lab involves in, as well as citizen science, empowering citizens in fields such as foods, elderly care, healthy living circumstances, and living with chronic diseases, such as hiv.