MakeHealth Lab

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In the MakeHealth Lab, we investigate how you can make your own health care applications that support the self-reliance of patients or support healthcare professionals.

In healthcare there is not always an appropriate answer to a practical question. MakeHealth Lab supports patients, health care professionals, hospitals, designers, artists and entrepreneurs in making (technical) applications themselves. A problem or need is central to a patient or healthcare professional.

The goal of MakeHealth is to come up with innovative designs and 'open' (source) applications, which enable citizens to participate in society - despite a limitation. Fab Labs and maker spaces are used as a means to promote collaboration; the creative process connects people within and between disciplines.

The working method, drawings and insights to arrive at a working application are documented and shared online. This allows other users to create and adapt these solutions in their own environment. In addition, the public debate is held within meet-ups about the (im) possibilities of and limits to feasible care using new digital technology.

The MakeHealth Lab is made possible by a subsidy from the Creative Industries Fund NL.