21st century skills

21st century skills are a series of higher-order skills, abilities, and learning dispositions that have been identified as being required for success in 21st century society and workplaces by educators, business leaders, academics, and governmental agencies.


Max shares insights after the first DO IT workshop series in which we worked co-creatively with childeren in makerspaces across Europe.


Waag is on a mission to map Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts en Mathematics (STEAM) education outside the classroom.


This blog by Rolf Hut is based on his keynote presentation at the FabLearn conference in Eindhoven on September 28th 2018.


SkillDojo has made videos of our lessons of 'The Boss On The Internet' on privacy and digital literacy.


Are you passionate about creativity, technology and maker education? Visit the FabLearn Conference in September.


Behind all the maker spaces at the public libraries in Amsterdam lies a tireless team of manufacturing coaches.


A new and special training for teachers this fall: the Maakplaats 021 fellowship.


OBA, HvA, Pakhuis de Zwijger and Waag have won the NSVP / GAK SkiLLLsChallenge 2017 with a plan for a Fellowship programme for teachers within the project Amsterdam Maakplaats 021.


Waag’s Creative Learning Lab organised a 4-day professional development course for teachers about maker education. Teachers did get acquainted with the newest maker technologies—like digital fabrication, 3D printing, electronics, and programming. But most of all, they did get to experience being a learner again. They were inspired, and could make what they always wanted to make.


Making has gained new meaning in today's society. Through the rise of the Internet, new making principles have been established. These principles are based on openness, transparency, and social connectedness. New professions arise on the boundary between virtual and physical reality. Enter, the crafts of the new century and the next phase of the digital revolution.


On Tuesday 4 November 2014, children made a statement about 'Learning by making' in education in the Dutch parliament by using 3-D printers. How can we stimulate the development of skills that are needed for tomorrow's world? Together with educational experts, makers and the business world we presented a petition that pleads for more creativity and DIY technology in the classroom.


FabSchool.nl - learning by making, initiated by Waag in collaboration with Rotslab, gives an impulse to creativity and making.


Last weekend in Barcelona, we visited the seminar and urban interventions performed by Idensitat and its local partners around Germanetes for the project Eclectis.


The Education Council of the Netherlands is currently formulating an answer to the question: Are schools optimally using ICT in their primary processes and organisation? We have inspired them with the story of the technology movement in society and how learning changes trough its influence.


Creative Learning Lab of Waag and Kenninsnet are researching the possibilities of embodied learning and what role it can play in learning 21st century skills.


Students in Motion (SIM): more than 1800 students of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (domain Media, Creation and Information) worked a week long at their concepts for a mobile app together with specialists from Waag.


Once a year, at the beginning of the new school year, we organize an open day for education. On 3 October 2012 we welcomed everyone in the Waag building to get acquainted with our projects and educational trends.