Textile Academy

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The Textile Academy focuses on combining the knowledge of traditional, current and future craftsmanship to work towards new, relevant ways of producing, making, and designing for the slowly changing textile and fashion-industry. We will investigate how the textile and fashion industry can benefit from new technologies, processes and business models. And you can be part of it!

The Textile Academy is for fashion, textile and material designers, researchers, artists, engineers and all creatives interested in exploring topics surrounding the textile and clothing, working inside and outside the industry. The workshops will give you the tools and the shared knowledge to develop your own in depth research project in the TextileLab. The lessons will touch upon topics such as textile dyeing with living bacteria, digital pattern drafting, 3D scanning, 3D printing and textile manipulations and material development.

The program brings together the knowledge and experience of the FabLab Amsterdam, the Open WetLab, the TextileLab and the network of the TCBL.